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Sydney Morning Herald Op-Ed - Policy Brief 2022 - Youth Mental Health Recovery Plan - Australia's Mental Health Think Tank

‘Time for politicians to talk about the youth mental health crisis’
Sydney Morning Herald

Read the latest SMH opinion piece from Think Tank Chair Professor Maree Teesson and Academic Lead Marlee Bower on steps a newly elected federal government can take to address the root causes of poor mental health in young people.

Nick Kyrgios Sydney Morning Herald Mental Health

‘No one is immune: How Open success, wave of support inspired Kyrgios’ depression revelations
Sydney Morning Herald

Think Tank Chair Professor Maree Teesson spoke with SMH about the power of Nick Kyrgios’ openness and honesty around his mental health struggles.

Frances Kay-Lambkin Norman Swan Coronacast Mental Health

‘I’m worried about how worried I am’
ABC Science

Think Tank member Professor Frances Kay-Lambkin spoke with Dr Norman Swan and Tegan Taylor on ABC’s Coronacast about mental health recovery as we exit out of the acute stage of the pandemic.

John Brogden ABC Drive Richard Glover Lifeline Mental Health

why it’s crucial to reach out
ABC Drive

Think Tank member and Lifeline Chair John Brogden spoke with Richard Glover on ABC Drive about the importance of reaching out and accessing mental health support during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Queensland Mental Health Commission Mental Health Evidence Review

COVID-19 and Australia’s Mental Health
QLD Mental Health Commission

Queensland Mental Health Commission featured key findings from our comprehensive evidence review ‘COVID-19 and Australia’s Mental Health’ in their latest Leading Reform Blog.

The Conversation Evidence Review Mental Health

Most of us will recover our mental health after lockdown. But some will find it harder to bounce back
The Conversation

Our evidence review of 100+ Australian academic and policy documents, together with lived experience accounts, explores who experienced poor mental health in COVID-19 and why.

Guardian Policy Paper Economic Supports Youth Mental Health

Experts urge higher income support payments to stem youth mental health crisis
The Guardian

How do we better support youth mental health during COVID-19? The evidence shows economic support is key, but in 2021 these remain limited, even in the face of increasing distress.

Pat Dudgeon Guardian Mental Health Healing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander

Healing among Indigenous people is more crucial now than ever. Here’s a way forward
The Guardian

Think Tank member Professor Pat Dudgeon on the importance of incorporating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander knowledge and wisdom to strengthen collective wellbeing.

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